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Porsche 914 Conversion Kit

Porsche 914 Conversion Kit

Electric Classic Cars have been converting classic cars for six years and we are now the biggest converter of classic cars in the world with over 65 cars converted.

We have taken the original Porsche 914 and dragged it into the 21st Century with a smooth electric drivetrain and battery pack, transforming an ICE relic whist maintaining its iconic look and improving the performance and driving experience.

The next step was to create a comprehensive bolt-in, “plug and play” conversion kit. The kit includes motor cooling and complete HV and LV wiring looms, this means Install time can be under 80 hours with a proven system and minimal commissioning.

The motor directly drives the rear wheels with a single gear for simple two pedal driving, enhanced by regenerative braking of the electric motor.

The 60kWh battery pack can give a range of up to 150 miles*.

Optional extras include air conditioning.

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Design & Specification

Power: Up to 220kW
Battery pack: 60kWh – in sealed steel boxes plug and play read with integrated BMS and cooling.
Charging: 7kW AC type 2 with intelligent controller. Option for CCS
Complete high voltage and low voltage wiring looms ready to plug and play
Custom dial set.
Weight: approx. weight neutral to original car.
Optional Extras: Air Conditioning

* - Range varies depending on battery pack size, tyres, external accessories driving style and conditions. Tested up to 150 miles, average highway driving up to 60mph.

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