Tesla Smart Battery - Used


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Tesla Smart Battery Module - 57 Volt, 3kWh

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We've used these modules with great success in many conversions including VW Beetle, Bus and Porsche 911. They have a great floor mounting solution which can make them a simpler installation over the Model S modules, however their shape can sometimes be a hinderence. These modules are no longer manufactured so stocks are limited. Their higher voltage (compared to Model S modules) make them ideal for something like a 5p2s configuration hooked up to an AC50 or Hyper9 motor. They come with an integral 100A fuse and cooling system along with connector for a BMS system.


Height: 18.415 cm

Width: 7.3025 cm

Length: 99.06 cm

Capacity: 57Ah 3kWh

Weight: 19 kg

Nominal voltage: 57V

Max voltage: 63V

Minimum voltage: 50V

Max discharge current (10s): 150A

Warranty period: 1 year