Hyper 9 Motor - 120V Controller

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Kit includes:

Netgain HyPer9 AC Motor, SME AC-X1 Controller and wiring loom, Gigavac GV200-QA contactor, 12volt relay



We've used this motor to good effect in small- to medium-sized cars where customers want a bit more punch, and cars with a little more weight such as a VW Bus. It provides a healthy 173 ft/lbs and 120hp, with the controller taking a max of 760Amps. It has features such as regenerative braking, reverse switch and is IP67 water resistant. We also like the compact design of the controller.


Motor Face: B-Face

Motor Diameter: 22.9 cm

Motor Case Length: 34.9 cm

Motor Shaft Length: 5.1 cm

Motor Shaft to End Length: 40.0 cm

Weight: 54.4 kg

Motor Type: Permanent Magnet Synchronous Reluctance AC

Max Voltage Input: 132V

Max torque: 173 ft lbs

Max power: 120hp

Drive shaft dimension: 1 1/8inch with 1/4 inch keyway

Max temperature: 150C

Warranty: 2 years