AC 50 Motor - 96V controller

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Kit includes:

HPEVS AC50 Motor 96V, Curtis 1238e-7621 controller and wiring loom, Gigavac GV200-QA contactor, 12volt relay, Curtis 840 dashboard guage, mode switch and menu button.

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We've used this motor to good effect in small- to medium-sized cars such as the VW Beetle. It provides 120 ft/lbs and 71hp, with the controller taking a max of 650Amps. It has features such as regenerative braking, idle function and reverse switch. The motor is air cooled.


Motor Face: B-Face

Motor Diameter: 22.8 cm

Motor Case Length: 35.0 cm

Motor Shaft Length End to End: 44.5 cm

Weight: 52 Kg

Motor type: AC Induction

Voltage range: 72-130V

Max Torque: 120 ft lbs

Max Power: 65hp @ 3500rpm

Drive shaft dimension: 1 1/8inch with 1/4 inch keyway

Max temperature: 180C

Warranty: 2 years