Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of cars can you convert? Can you convert my car?

We specialise in converting classic cars from the ‘50s to early ‘80s. However, we can supply you the parts required to convert your own car should you be so inclined.

What are the typical costs of a conversions?

Cost can vary quite a bit depending on the customer’s requirements for range and power, as well as the make and model of car. A small car with sub 100 mile range might cost as little as £12k for us to convert, whereas a large 4x4 with 200 mile range might cost as much as £50k

Can you provide me with a DIY kit for me to do my own conversion?

We have created some kits for certain cars which we have converted in the past, these include VW Beetle, VW Camper, Fiat 500 with more, complete kits, for other vehicles due soon…..

Our bolt-in DIY kits come complete with all the components that you will need to carry out your conversion yourself. We can supply you with everything from electric motors and batteries to grommets and crimps. You’ll also be provided with an adapter plate, motor mount, coupler and battery boxes. See our webshop for prices.

What if you haven’t got a kit for my car – can I still do my own DIY conversion?

For many other types of vehicle we can provide you with all the components you will need for your build. However, we can’t supply you with the adapter plate, motor mount, coupler or battery boxes. These you would need to fabricate yourself or bring the car to us at that point for us to fabricate for you.

What sort of performance can I expect?

Our conversions give your car vastly improved performance. 

We can potentially do anything from 45hp to 650hp - depending on customer's requirements and the suitability of the car that the EV drivetrain is destined.

Still got questions? 

Drop us an email at We’ll be delighted to help.