Tesla Model S Battery Module - Used


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Tesla Model S Battery Module - 22.8 Volt, 5.3 kWh

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We use these modules on everything from the little Fiat 500 conversions in a 3s configuration up to large vehicles like Range Rovers with a 3p5s configuration. Their energy density make them great for conversions where you're trying to maximise the kWh and minimise the weight. They come completed with integral cooling and connector to enable BMS management and monitoring.


Height: 7.874 cms

Width: 30.226 cms

Length: 66.55 cms

Capacity: 232Ah 5.3kWh

Weight: 26 kg

Nominal voltage: 22.8V

Max voltage: 25.2V

Min voltage: 19V

Max discharge current (10s): 750A

Warranty period: 1 year